Information about Sponsorshops

How it works

How it works

Charities, sporting clubs, schools, professional bodies, expos, trade shows and well, anyone with a need for sponsorship can post up an opportunity according to the location, category, market reach, demographic and of course, the price. 

To get started simply:
1. Sign Up to open an account
2. Pay for your Subscription - it costs  just $110 (AUD, inc GST) per annum to post as many sponsorship opportunities as you wish 
3. List all of your Sponsorship opportunities 
4. Pick your Payout Preference  - receive money to your bank account or a Pay Pal account.

Sponsors can find the sponsorship opportunities that fit their location, interest, target market and budget. When they find the right fit, they can simply pay via credit card. 

To get started: 
1. Find the right sponsorship opportunity
3. Pay your sponsorship via credit card 

To protect both Sponsors and Sponsees, the Sponsee has 3 days to agree to the sale. 

Fees & charges:
  • We charge a $110 (AUD, inc GST) per annum for organisations to list all their sponsorship opportunities; 
  • We charge a sponsorship transaction fee of 7% with a minimum transaction fee of $5.50 (AUD, inc GST);
  • PayPal and Stripe transaction fees 

For example: 
Let's say a Sponsor pays $100 for a sponsorship.  In Australia, PayPal's fee for domestic transactions is 2.4% + $0.30, which totals $2.70. The remaining $97.30 is transferred to the Sponsee's PayPal account. 

7% of $100 is $7.00 (which is higher than the minimum transaction fee of $5.50). This means that $7 is transferred from the Sponsee's PayPal account to Sponsorshop's PayPal account. However, PayPal applies its micro-payment fee to this transaction. In AUD, it's 5% + $0.05 which, totals $0.40. so Sponsorshop receives $6.60 into our account. 

The bottom line is - The Sponsee gets $90.30.  Sponsorshops are paid $6.60. PayPal charges $3.10.